Buying LCD TV's

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What are some guidelines on buying a discount LCD TV?

Buying LCD TV's

Flat screen and flat panel tv's are all the rage right now - and why not? Space saving, better picture than ever before - it's probably just the price that's holding you back. That's why you need to start looking for a discount LCD TV that won't put you in the poor house. You can go about this in several ways.

  1. Buy last year's model. It's true - one year of advancement in technology can mean hundreds of dollars in discounts on older TV's. After all, the inventory takes up space and costs money.
  2. Open Box bargains - some people bring home the TV only to find a scratch or to have a mishap during installation. If you don't care about a scratch or a ding from something like this, or a floor sample, you can save a lot of dough.
  3. Shop Online - Discount electronics and discount home theater systems are all over the internet waiting to be found!



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