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Can I buy shoes off season?

Buy Off Season

Just because the end of summer is coming, doesn't mean you have to buy your fall shoes - or that you can't get that extra pair of cute sandals! Of course, if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, shopping off season may not work for you, but if you're buying utility shoes like a classic loafers, sneakers or flip flops, buy off season! Hit the clearance sales at the end of summer and winter and keep those great bargain shoes for the following year. If you have classic taste, you'll end up with a great bargain!

Where can I find discount shoes?

Where to Find Discount Shoes

Where can you find discount shoes? Here are some examples of places, websites and opportunities for bargain footwear:

  • Sample Sales - these are great opportunities, especially if you like high end designer shoes. Sample sales and "floor model" sales basically mean you are buying the inventory that has been out showcasing the merchandise - in this case, discount designer shoes.
  • Bargain Shopping Websites - Bargain shopping websites are a great place for discount shopping. They may have purchases a shop's over stock or they may be able to offer lower prices because they carry less overhead.
  • Discount Designer Stores: There are plenty of stores nowadays that specifically cater to the discount shoppers out there. They do sometimes have limited styles and sizes but you get the benefit of being able to try on shoes and really get a feel for how they will look on you.
  • Sale Shopping: One tried and true method for the discount shopper is shopping the sales. Typically, you do get better deals at larger department stores who cut prices more competitively than smaller boutiques.

What are some good men's bargain shoes tips?

Men's Discount Shoes

Discount shoes are not for women alone! Men need great bargain footware as well, but guys may not even know what they need. Here is a list of general rules of thumb for men's bargain shoes:

  • Pick shoes that match or are darker than your trousers. Of course, this doesn't really work for sneakers, but you get the idea.
  • Sock's don't need to match your shoes - you can have some fun with them and treat them more like an accent for your suit or outfit.
  • Belts and shoes should match. If they don't match exactly, just try to stick to brown:brown and black:black.
  • Wear the right shoes for the right occasion - i.e. don't wear your dress shoes with jeans!

When shopping, think about your overall shoe situation and then try to fill in any "holes" in your shoe wardrobe.

What are some good discount designer shoes shopping tips?

Be Flexible

If you want to be a great bargain hunter for women's discount shoes, your flexibility is vital. This isn't to say you need to sacrifice style, but you need to think about the big picture when it comes to your shoe collection. We all have those moments where we need a specific shoe for a specific outfit, suit or dress, but if you can, think in broader strokes when you want to buy bargain footwear.

For instance, think in styles like boots, loafers, pumps, heels and athletic shoes - and then look at what's available. By not setting your heart on a specific pair of shoes, you will be able to find better deals on shoes that can meet your needs of both style and budget.

How can I become a good bargain footwear hunter?

Becoming a Bargain Hunter

Are you a fan of designer shoes, but don't have the money to spend on a full price pair of Jimmy Choo's? Don't despair, you just need to become a bargain footwear hunter!

The first rule is that you must decide that you will never pay full price for a pair of designer shoes again. This can be a tough decision to make for any shopaholic, but without the commitment, you may falter and lose your bargain hunting edge. There are so many opportunities for bargain footwear, from sample sales to bargains online, that you won't miss out on anything, you'll just be making a money saving commitment to yourself.

How can I be prepared for bargain footwear hunting online?

Be Prepared

One of the best ways to be a successful bargain hunter, especially online is to make sure you know how various designer shoes fit your feet. There is nothing wrong with going to your local shopping center, or high end shopping district and trying on a lot of different designer shoes to see which are comfortable, what your size it and which one's just aren't right for you.

Being armed with this kind of knowledge will allow you to buy bargain shoes when you see them. You won't have those last minute qualms about fit or style and you'll be able to get much better deals..

Does size matter when I'm trying to find discount shoes?

Size Matters

Finding great deals on discount shoes can depend greatly on your size. Unusual sizes are the most likely to be left over for sales. For instance, women with smaller feet are likely to have great success shopping at bargain footwear websites like Because they buy extras, they get very specific stock - and they frequently end up with less popular sizes. If you have smaller feet, you should always check for fun shopping, or for specific brands and styles.

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