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Cheapskate Christmas Ideas

Can't afford Christmas wrapping paper after you have paid for all those Christmas presents? Take the cartoon section out of the newspaper and wrap presents up in that. It makes novel and amusing wrapping paper. I buy my Christmas presents in July and August at Yard Sales and the Salvation Army Thrift Store, so by December I can sit back and feel smug while other people have to stand in line ups.


Birds Stealing Your Berries?

Birds love to steal berries, especially when they are nice and ripe. To avoid this annoyance string some old CDs on a sturdy piece of twine and string it accross your garden. In my garden I also put up a plastic owl and had a scarecrow, since I had problems with the crows. This season it seems to have worked and my raspberries and strawberries were safe from the bird population.


Easy Compost Bin

Buy four wooden pallets that companies often sell as cheap as $5.00 each and wire the corners together to make a box. In five minutes you will have an instant compost bin that is big enough for a sizable garden. You can leave one side unwired for the door if you like. Things that can be put in the compost include grass clippings, coffee grounds, tea bags,leaves, vegetable scraps, and fruit. Always mix with soil and turn from time to time. Never put things like meat or cooked products in the compost. I've had a compost for the last 20 years and it never has attracted any rodents, skunks, or racoons.


Cheapskate Birdfeeder

No feeders for the birds? Take a milk jug and cut an oval opening. Hang up and put bird seed in it. Another idea is to take a pine cone and spread on some peanut butter. Next roll in bird seed and hang on a tree for your feathered friends to enjoy.


Have you been Stung?

A nasty bee sting can be swollen and painful. After getting the stigner out put some Preparation H on the sting to take the swelling down and ease the pain. If your throat starts closing off go to the Emergency Department right away!


Keep Kitty Happy With Cheap Litter

Is cat litter costing you a bundle? Get a shredder and shred up all your old newspapers and flyers. Make sure that there aren't any staples left in them. Then put a dollar store litter liner in you cat's litter box, fill with shredded newspaper, and top with a small amount of gravelly litter on top to give kitty the feel she likes. If you don't have the time to shred paper then go to a professional paper shredding company. I have done this and paid $35.00 for 100 pounds of shredded paper. It's still a big bargain.
Over the years you will save a lot of $$!

How can I save additional money on bargain furniture?

Multi Functional Bargains

A great bargain modern furniture tip - try to find pieces that serve multiple purposes and still look great. A gorgeous leather storage and seating bench, for instance, can look great, hold your blankets and operate as secondary seating. A great looking oversized ottoman can make you more comfortable and, with a tray, act as a coffee table and as extra seating. After all, why buy one of everything when well made bargain modern furniture can serve multiple needs.

How can I buy furniture online?

Buying Furniture Online

If you like the contemporary look, there are a lot of great options for you online. For instance, if you go to sites like Overstock.com, you can choose from a wide variety of bargain modern furniture, all offered at huge savings. Additionally, this site offers a blanket shipping rate of $2.95 on every item. You may not get the wide selection you may need, but if your needs are flexible, a site that sells bargain furniture at outlet prices may be the perfect option for you. Remember that you should spend a bit more money on your furniture focal point, be it a sofa, chaise lounge or even a really cool chair. Then surround the focal point with cool, yet inexpensive accessories.

How can accent chairs make my rooms look even better?

Accent Chairs

Don't forget accent chairs! A gorgeous modern accent chair can really make a room - and offer extra seating, so don't just stick to an elegant sofa and loveseat. You can get well made leather or upholstered accent chairs to finish a room for great prices.

If you like to shop antique fairs or flea markets, look for well made mission or contemporary shapes - try for hard wood if you can. You can reupholster or refinish anything you find. Think of the satisfaction of looking at the chair you brought back to life! If you don't want to invest the time in refinishing, look online for discounts or wait for the right sale for your clearance furniture.

Are slip covers a good option?

The Joy of Slip Covers

Do you have a well made sofa with a great profile that you want to keep but the upholstery is wrecked or outdated? A slip cover may be what you need. Slip covers will give you the look of contemporary furniture at an extreme discount. A good slip cover from the right dealer can be as little as $30.00 or $50.00 and poof, you have a sofa that's like new.

Make sure you measure your sofa before you order. Also, if you have any skills with a sewing machine, think about ordering a size larger than you need. Then you can truly customize the fit and your "new" bargain modern furniture will look that much better!

How do I mix and match different pieces of bargain furniture?

How to Mix and Match

Buying everything in one place can be tempting because it's easy, it all matches and then you're done. The only problem with this is that your living room may end up looking more like a showroom than a home. Yes, they may offer a good price if you buy everything, but you can still get great discount contemporary furniture and suit your individual tastes. Some good rules of thumb:

  • If you have any metallic accents on your furniture, make sure you stick with golds and bronzes or silvers and stainless.
  • If you can stick to a similar wood or finish, do your best.
  • Shop by style - mission, contemporary, Victorian - at least for the bigger pieces. They'll look coordinated without looking too uniform.

How can I get started with furniture bargain hunting?

Getting Started with Furniture Bargain Hunting

Chances are if you're decorating your home on a budget, you've been to several local furniture stores to compare styles and prices and you're a bit overwhelmed. It's easy to get convinced by a salesperson to spend all of your money in one place. The other pitfall is to buy piecemeal and forget how things should really work together in your room.

To get started with shopping for bargain furniture, first go through as many catalogs and web sites as possible to decide what kind of look you like. Decide if you need a couch, a love seat, chairs, end tables - the whole nine yards. Then set out to shop, with pen in hand. Discount modern furniture and deals on antiques abound if you look in the right places.

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