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How To Have a Blow Out Yard Sale!

Yard sales pop up in the spring like mushrooms and go “poof” like puff balls by the late fall. There is an art to having a blow out yard sale. The first order of business is to get pen and paper and travel through each room in your house. Evaluate everything you have and don't get sentimental. Make an inventory of “Must go”, “Takes Up Too Much Room”, or “Can't Part With It”. Remember that the more clutter you get rid of the bigger your yard sale profit will be. How you organize your merchandise is important. Items should not be heaped in a mess, but organized and accessible. There shouldn't be too many things over $10.00. The junk you really want to get rid of should be priced to sell at under $2.00. Expensive things such as antiques, big household appliances, etc. are better off advertised in the newspaper or taken to a second hand store because people don't want to pay a lot at a yard sale. Put your yard sale ad in the local newspaper and remember, that yard salers get up at the crack of dawn and often show up an hour before your starting time. Keep at least $20.00 worth of bills and change in a pouch worn around your waist so that you have your money ready for your customers and nobody steals your profits. With any luck the weather will be good and you will make some $$!

Should I get a discount gift basket for my loved one?

Gift Baskets

One of the best ways to personalize a gift is to create a unique gift basket with several things you think your giftee would like. Or, find a great online website that sells discount gift baskets. Find a theme that appeals to you - perhaps a spa theme, aromatherapy theme or even a romantic lover theme. With the money you save on the gift basket, buy a discount chenille or heavy terrycloth bathrobe to go with it. She or he will love the basket, the robe and using them!

When should I buy a discount gift?

When to Buy a Discount Gift

You can buy a discount gift for anyone - but if you're feeling weird about it, save your discount gifts for friends and acquaintances to whom you plan on giving the same gift! Wine is a great example of a perfect discount gift. First you need to learn the tastes of your giftees - but a sampling of wines is always appropriate.

Wherever you are shopping, have them ship to your home - and try to shop *early*. Once the wine is in your home, go out and get packs of wine bottle gift bags, or pair it with wine and cheeses in your own discount gift baskets. Shopping in advance and for discount gifts will allow you to wow your friends with the selection and value of your gifts and you won't break your bank account.

Where can I get a gag gift or inexpensive gift for a holiday swap?

Yankee Swap Discount Gifts

Need a gag or inexpensive gift for a holiday swap? Don't head to Spencers - look online for discount gifts. If you want to bring the best gift at the Yankee swap, think about photo coasters, a cool money clip or a memory foam pillow. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't get something cool - especially with all the great discount gift shopping available nowadays.

How can I get discount gift shopping help?

Bargain Gift Idea for Him

Looking for discount gift shopping help? The best shopping websites will help you figure out gift ideas for him by giving you a "Gifts for Him" section. They'll probably suggest a lot of the more typical gifts for guys like ties, electronics and tools, but look around and see if something else catches your eye.

A discount poker set, leather jacket or high end watch might be just the thing for the man in your life - and when you bargain shop, you'll be able to get him something amazing that he won't be expecting. Since you're shopping on a budget, don't be afraid to use their "Shopping By Price" section as well - it will save you a lot of time!

What are some bargain gift ideas for her?

Bargain Gift Idea for Her

Looking for a great discount gift idea? Cashmere is always a great discount gift for her and you can usually find amazing deals online! Obviously, you need to know your giftee - would like or be comfortable in a clingy cashmere sweater set, or would gloves and a scarf be more appropriate?

Also, make sure you get sizes right if you're ordering. Try to sneak a peak at her favorite sweater or shirt while she isn't looking and get the same size. When in doubt, order smaller, not larger. Although it may not fit, if she thinks that you think she's a "Small", you're gonna be a hero!

What makes a successful bargain gift hunter?

Finding Bargain Gifts

So you need a bargain gift? This is one of those great situations where you can shop on any bargain website according to "Gifts for Him" or "Gifts For Her." Try not to have any specific expectations and you're more likely to end up finding something terrific and unique for a great price. In many cases, knowing what you want can help you make a better decision and find a better bargain. In the case of bargain gifts, let the site you like offer suggestions according to price, hobbies and themes.

How can I be a smart discount gifts hunter?

Bargain Gifting

When you come up with your holiday gift budget and you're a good bargain hunter, you have an ideal opportunity to get more for your loved ones - but don't be tempted into the "stuff" gifts that they really don't want or need. Less can easily be more, especially if you buy a quality bargain gift.

Wouldn't you rather have a digital camera rather than a ton of stuff you won't use? Additionally, the whole purpose of bargain hunting is to spend less money then you would otherwise, so don't be tempted to go over budget because you've found a great deal.

Can I get bargain stocking stuffers online?

Bargain Gifts For Any Occassion

Whether you're searching for birthday gifts or stocking up on next year's Christmas gifts, you can get your best bargains online. Check out bargain Web sites for smaller gifts that you can package together for a great present. If you buy the small items with your larger items, and if you choose a site that offers shipping deals for purchases over a certain amount, the shipping charge will be negligible.

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