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Can I find a bargain bed set?

Discount Bed Sets

Are you ready for a new look in your bedroom? Or maybe you have a great spring and summer bed set, but you want a heavier one for winter? Don't rush out and buy just anything! Search discount bedding and find right comforter set or bed in a bag for the right price.

  • First, assess what kind of look you want. Are you into shabby chic, brocade luxury or alternative cotton batik's and prints?
  • Next, what kind of comforter or quilt do you need? For instance, if you already have a down comforter, all you'll need is a duvet cover and matching bed sheets, bed skirt, pillow cases and shams. Don't buy a comforter "just because" - it will just sit in your closet and be a waste of money.
  • Finally, figure out your budget and stick to it! If you find the right bargain outlet, store or website, you'll be able to meet all your needs and stay within your means.

Where can I find high quality bargain towels?

Bargain Towels

Towels are yet another item that we compromise on to save money - but we usually don't do it the right way. Don't buy cheap, lightweight towels that don't do the job and won't last longer than a year or two. Shop for heavier gram, heavy duty discount towels. You can usually find great deals on towels at your local discount clothing, bedding and bath stores, or you can shop online.

The only thing you need to consider is that you may not get the exact right color that matches your bath set - so if you can, choose neutral colors for your shower curtain, bath mat and other accessories. That way, you can jump on discount towel bargains when you see them without worry about clashing with your existing items.

What are the benefits of bargain quilts?

Bargain Quilts

If you have an older home, you may be trying to stay period correct in your décor. If this is the case, quilts may be the right bedding option for you. However, before you run to Pennsylvania to get a one of a kind, handmade quilt, consider the bargain quilts that are available online.

The benefits of buying new quilts are that you can get them for great prices, and they usually come with matching shams that complete your bedding set. You can also get sets for day beds and larger sized beds like king and even California king. Finally, you can also get quilts made with alternative materials like velvets, satins and silks. After all, you can stay period correct and still have a little fun, can't you?

What is a good alternative to a massage chair?

No Room for a Massage Chair, No Problem

Not everyone can spare the space for a massage chair, but maybe a massage body mat that can fit on any chair will be a better choice for you. If you look on websites that offer great bedding and bath bargains you can find these massage pads for great prices. Some of them even come with a heat option which can offer terrific relief for lower back and hip pain. The best part is that they can be easily stored away when not in use and your accent or lounge chair can go back to its normal look and feel.

What is a good bargain gift idea?

Bargain Bath Gifts

Looking for a great gift idea? A high end shower head can add luxury to every shower, but you don't have to spend tons of money to give a gift like this. If you look on the right websites, or at the right bedding and bath outlets, you can find one of those incredible raindrop showerheads or even a massage showerhead.

If you have the option, try to find one with a steam option. There is nothing like a long, steam shower to work the kinks out after a stressful day. Give your friend a high quality thick cotton bathrobe to go with the showerhead and you'll be the hit of the holiday.

Where can I find a bargain on personal care items?

Personal Care Items

Bedding and bath bargains don't only comprise sheets, towels and comforters. They can also mean great deals on personal care items like manicure sets, spa treatment kits and even high end toothbrushes! If you want to show someone you love how much you care, buy a basket at a local shop and order them some bath products online. Get them a facial kit, the hair straightener they've been lusting after and a high end vanity mirror.

These gifts go over especially well with teenage girls for whom grooming is practically an art form. You can get items that work together or seem disparate, except that they all belong in the bathroom. If these gifts are for your teenager still at home, make sure you've made room in your bathroom closet for the influx of new personal care toys.

What options do I have for bargain bedding?

Don't Skimp on Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are something that seems easy to save money on. We go to the local discount super store and just grab anything that works with the décor and seems like it will last a while. This is NOT how to think about sleep. Just as you shouldn't buy a cheap and poorly made mattress, you should have soft and comfortable sheets made of the best materials. No, you don't have to spend a fortune to accomplish this.

Bargain websites have long offered satin, sateen, jacquard and cotton bargain bedding of 300 thread count and above. Instead of hundreds, you'll spend maybe $50.00. This may seem like a lot for bed sheets, but when you spend your first night on high quality bed sheets and feel as though you're getting away from it all at the Ritz, you'll see why they're worth the fuss.

Where can I find bargain baby bedding tips?

Children's Bedding Discounts

When you're planning your baby nursery the first time, the prices of baby bedding and crib sets can be a shock. As your kids get older, the rooms will need to be redone. You needn't pay the prices you see in retail stores, though. Discount baby bedding and children's bedding is available and easily searchable.

Once you choose the crib set, be sure to buy extra crib sheets and baby blankets. Just like your bed, the linens will need to be changed frequently and you'll still want everything to match and look great together. After all, why go to the trouble of creating a gorgeous nursery only to have your decor jarred by unmatched crib sheets!

Where can I find discount blankets?

Discount Blankets

Sometimes all you need when winter comes is a new luxurious blanket to keep the chill away. Don't buy something cheap and flimsy because it's all you think you can afford. Shop around to find high quality discount blankets. Chenille, micro fiber, faux fur, velour and Egyptian cotton can be yours for incredible prices.

If you're going to use the blanket in your living room, consider a solid color that won't interfere with the decor, or a pattern that can act as an accent. If you can afford it, try to buy more than one. That way if anyone else is hanging out watching a movie with you, they can be cozy too, without clashing!

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