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What should I have in my DVD collection?

Your DVD Collection

So you have your home theater set up - but do you have the movies to support your new slick system? Bargain DVD's will be your answer. Of course, you don't just want to buy any old DVD's. Make sure you purchase family favorites, classics and series and you'll be setting yourself up for some great family fun and movie marathons. A couple of easy suggestions:

  • The Indiana Jones Series
  • The Spy Kids Series
  • The Godfather Series
  • Anything Alfred Hitchcock
  • Toy Story
  • The Incredibles
  • Shrek 1 and 2
  • James Bond

Why Are LCD's a Good Buy?

Why Are LCD's a Good Buy?

Don't think an LCD tv is worth the investment? Considering the featured integrated in most of today's LCD Tv's you can feel confident you're getting a good bargain. Not only do they have built in speakers that probably blow yours away, they often come with integrated tuners and DVD players which only add to the value. Coupled with the space you're going to save and the long lasting durability of this technology how can you go wrong? One thing to consider - if you're going to make the investment in one of these, even in a discount lcd tv, make sure you get one with HD LCD television. They say "In for a penny, in for a pound" and they're right!

How can I shop for a discount home theater?

Discount Home Theater Shopping

Designing your own home theater is a challenge, especially on a budget. We're all being bombarded with high end speaker systems, LCD TV's and DVD players, but don't get sucked into ploys like financing and buying on credit. You're just adding more debt to your life - and it just isn't worth it.

Instead, become a savvy discount home theater shopper and search home theater bargains. Buy online instead of from the big box stores and grab a couple of books on home theater design to help you figure out how to complete the installation yourself. The more you know, the more you can do on your own and the smarter decisions you can make!

What are some guidelines on buying a discount LCD TV?

Buying LCD TV's

Flat screen and flat panel tv's are all the rage right now - and why not? Space saving, better picture than ever before - it's probably just the price that's holding you back. That's why you need to start looking for a discount LCD TV that won't put you in the poor house. You can go about this in several ways.

  1. Buy last year's model. It's true - one year of advancement in technology can mean hundreds of dollars in discounts on older TV's. After all, the inventory takes up space and costs money.
  2. Open Box bargains - some people bring home the TV only to find a scratch or to have a mishap during installation. If you don't care about a scratch or a ding from something like this, or a floor sample, you can save a lot of dough.
  3. Shop Online - Discount electronics and discount home theater systems are all over the internet waiting to be found!

What does factory refurbished mean?

Factory Refurbished Units

When you're shopping around for a new TV for your home theater, don't be afraid of a factory refurbished unit. What does factory reconditioned mean? It means that someone either returned the unit because they changed their mind, or because there was a defect in the original build of the unit. All of these issues are addressed when an item is reconditioned and the TV is returned to "as new" condition. In most cases, these units even retain their warranty. If you do buy a factory reconditioned discount LCD TV, make sure the dealer has a solid return policy and a good reputation. You should never have to suffer for a bargain!

What should I look for in a new DVD player?

DVD Players…and more

One of the critical components of any home theater system is the right DVD player. Nowadays you can buy a decent single DVD player for less than $50.00 and they are small and compact to boot. If you're going to spend serious money for this component, make sure it combines a DVD player and VHS player, can play multiple discs or can burn DVD's as well. By purchasing a component with multiple features at a bargain price to boot, you'll be getting the most for your money - by far.

How do I shop for discount surround sound?

Discount Surround Sound

Surround sound is one of the keys to a successful home theater setup. Do you have the spend thousands at Bose or Cambridge soundworks to get the effect you want? No way! There are tons of websites that sell discounted surround sound systems that give you the sound you want for a price in your budget. You can even get the brand name you want like Sony, Klipsh or RCA.

A good modern surround system should have small surround speakers, center speakers and a sub woofer at the very least. You also need to make sure you have a receiver that is compatible with surround sound so you can properly configure the balance of sound for your movie watching pleasure.

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