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A Milk Jug Spring Garden

Take the milk jug and cut the top half off. Put large gravel in the bottom and plant some indoor bulbs. Keep the roots wet, but not the bulb. Most people use bulbs like daffodils, narcissis, or hyicynths. This should give you lovely Spring flowers in winter.

What do I do if I can't find the exact discount art print I want?

Artists Paint in Sets - Consider Your Options

When you are shopping for bargain art, there is always a chance that you won't find the exact print that you want - but don't despair, many artists paint several pieces in related themes. This means they use roughly the same perspective, colors and subjects to depict, just in slightly different ways.

Monet loved to paint in series as does the more modern Jack Vettriano so if you can't get that version of The Haystack or that particular print of The Singing Butler, do a search by artist and see if there is a similar option available.

What kinds of frames should I and shouldn't I use together?


No matter the art you choose, the framing can make all the difference in the world. If you're buying art for one room in your home, you should make sure that the frames and mats of your bargain art print or canvas work well together.

Typically, you should not mix brown and black wood, nor should you mix silvers and golds. Metallics and woods can be mixed if you're consistent. If you go with plain canvas, you can mix them with virtually anything.

If you don't like restrictions, you can always go with a more whimsical look and have every piece in a different kind of frame - wood, metallic, colored plastic - you name it. Work some alternate home decor accessories throughout the room and this whimsical decor option can work beautifully.

Can I buy a set of discount art prints rather than one larger bargain print?

Think Small

Rather than purchasing larger discount prints, consider buying small sets of bargain art prints that work together and are in similar frame styles. This look isn't as dramatic as a large bargain art print that dominates the wall and creates a focal point, but if you like fine art, this is a way to introduce it into smaller spaces.

Another great option is a larger print that is split to make two smaller pieces. These are typically unframed so that you can see the continuity and look great on a medium sized wall or above a couch so that you can truly showcase the print.

Can I mix and match discount art colors and themes?

Mix and Match

When shopping for discount art, don't be afraid to mix and match colors and themes. The art in your home should reflect your many tastes. All too often, people will only buy bargain art prints by one artist, or with one particular color scheme and although this may match perfectly, its not necessarily reflective of you as an individual.

If you aren't comfortable with this method of decorating, consider shopping online by "theme" or by "subject." For instance, the works of Kandinsky can work beautifully with the work of Lee Crew or with Rex Ray. Stretch yourself when you're shopping for bargain art - there is no reason not to!

How do you shop for discount art online?

Making Sure Your Art Matches Your Room

How do you shop for discount art online? The colors you see on websites are bound to be a bit off, and if you are shopping for pieces that need to go with a particular color scheme, you should do your homework.

Grab some paint chips and a some fabric swatches from your home and take them to your favorite art museum or art print shop. Identify which pieces you like that truly match your color scheme. Write down all the pertinent information and don't be afraid to look at mats and frames as well. Then, head home and get online and find some discount art shops.

Always shop in the clearance section *first* since this always has the best deals. Then, if you can't find the right thing head to the everyday shopping section.

Should I decide on a decorating theme before I buy bargain art prints?

Decide Your Theme

When you decide to decorate a room and to buy discount wall art to work in it, make sure you establish a decorating theme before you dive in and buy even the best bargain art. For instance, if you have modern furniture, don't buy country wall art and if you have a chintz sofa, you may want to avoid abstract art.

This isn't to say that it can't work - but a Warren Kimble print may look odd next to your ultra modern sofa just as a Kandinsky might look a bit strange over a softly colored sectional.

Where Can I Find Bargain Art?

Where Can I Find Bargain Art?

Do you have million dollar taste and a $100.00 budget for art in your home? Don't despair, you don't have to go out and buy blank canvas and paint a la Trading Spaces unless you want to. There are plenty of opportunities for bargain art out there from prints of the greatest artists to gorgeous photography.

As with all good bargain hunting you need to be extremely flexible when you are shopping for discount art or you need to be extremely specific. Shop by theme, subject or color scheme within the pieces that adhere to your budget, or look online and in discount art print shops for the exact piece you've always dreamed of. Either way, you wall art will end up as a fabulous focal point in your room without breaking the bank.

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