The Accessories

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How can I save money on accessories?

The Accessories

Some women are great at finding amazing bargains on designer dresses and outfits but then they end up spending their savings on accessories like shoes, handbags, jewelry and stockings. This doesn't have to happen! The best bargain tip we can offer is to buy designer discounts accessories that you can make work with more than one dress or outfit.

  • Like the little black dress, you should have at least two pairs of gorgeous little black shoes. Something open toed and delicate for summer, and something close toed and solid for winter.
  • You also need the right evening bag. If you have a few in black, metallic hues and maybe something completely fun like a Judith Lieber knock off, you're bound to have something in your repertoire that will work.
  • Accessories like pashminas are another item of which you can buy more than one in different colors when you find them on sale.

Basically, the idea is to think about your whole wardrobe when you're buying accessories - then you can use them with more than one outfit or dress into the future.



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