5 Groceries You Never Need to Buy

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Which convenience foods aren't worth the extra price?

5 Groceries You Never Need to Buy

Some "convenience foods" don't save you enough time to be worth the extra money. Save money at the grocery store by avoiding these unnecessary purchases:
1. Dry polenta - This product is essentially cornmeal. Making polenta is as easy as making spaghetti. Buy the dry cornmeal instead.
2. Dried bread crumbs - Here's your opportunity to use the ends of loaves of bread that nobody wants to eat. Put them in the blender and process until coarse. Keep them frozen in an airtight container until you need to use them.
3. Bisquick - Think you can't live without it? Try a "from scratch" recipe for something you would normally make with Bisquick. You'll be surprised at how few extra steps are involved.
4. Fruit snacks - It's easy to become dependant on overly processed snack foods for kids because they seem so convenient. Replace fruit snacks with actual fruit. It's healthier and surprisingly portable.
5. Pre-sliced cheese - The extra price isn't worth the time you save or the waste created by the individual wrapping.



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