Getting to Know Generic Brands

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How can I get my family to accept generic brands?

Getting to Know Generic Brands

Generic or store brand items almost always beat out name brand items in terms of price. For the most part, generic brands also offer high quality products that taste as good as their more expensive counterparts. To get reluctant family members to accept a switch to generic brand foods, try one or all of the following tricks:
1. Buy both the generic brand and the name brand. Use a blend of the two when serving the food. Decrease the amount of name brand product in the blend each time you use the food.
2. Buy both products. Use the generic brand for recipes where other flavors will mask the taste and use the name brand for recipes that feature the food.
3. Buy the generic brand and put your foot down. Some generic brands have a different taste and texture that will turn some people off. Emphasize that different doesn't always mean worse and let your family members get used to the new flavor.



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